Remington Ultimate Muzzleloader Ignition System Box of 24


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Ultimate Muzzleloader

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The Remington Muzzleloader Ignition System is the ideal way to hunt with a muzzleloader.  This brass is primed and is ready for use in your Model 700 Ultimate Muzzleloader.  Remington has redefined the muzzleloader, doubling your effective range out to 300 yards.

Ultimate Muzzleloader Ignition Source 24 Per/Pkg - Hero OutdoorsRemington Ultimate Muzzleloader Ignition System Box of 24


  • Proprietary ignition system dramatically boosts burn rate and efficiency
  • Enables full burn of 200 grain ultra Magnum charges
  • Industry leading velocities, energies and on game performance
  • Produces airtight, waterproof seal


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